Monster Hunter Direct recap

Monster Hunter Direct recap

You can call it MH Direct, or you can call it Monster Hunter Digital Event. Capcom has made a broadcast like the one that brought the first demo of Monster Hunter: Rise, only this time Rise and Monster Hunter Stories have shared the limelight. And what news do they bring? We tell you all about them in our summary of the Monster Hunter Direct for March.

Monster Hunter - Nintendo Switch

The first this time is Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. The turn-based RPG that we saw in 3DS returns to Switch with a story in which the Riders or Monster Riders are the main protagonists.

An adventure with much more narrative and components more typical of role-playing games in the Bravely Default II style that, as you can see in its new trailer, confirms the presence of new Monsties such as the Nargacuga, in addition to recovering Navirou. Any more surprises? In addition to its spectacular appearance, the confirmation of cooperative missions to play with several friends.

I used to look at summer. Now, you have an exact place on the calendar. The Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin release date is July 9, 2021. Summer comes well loaded with the 2021 Switch releases, although Stories 2 is looking to other platforms as well.

On the other hand, it's time to return to Monster Hunter: Rise. The new installment, which we talked about in depth with our impressions, will update the demo already available this March 11. An excuse to revisit it, because it will allow us to fight the Magnamalo, this game's flagship monster. And yes, it restarts the total of uses.

That's not the only thing the new MH Rise ads bring. The Monster Hunter Direct of this March 8 has also confirmed the presence of the Nargacuga and the Zinogre, in addition to bringing a preview of what appears to be the new Elder Dragon of this installment.

Anything else? Yes. The company has offered an in-depth look at the Frenzy, which is a kind of "Tower Defense" against monsters that are out of control, Capcom has also revealed the option of being able to modify Hunting Styles and something more interesting.

And it is that Monster Hunter Rise will receive free updates with more monsters and additional functions. Thanks to this, in the month of April players will receive the Chameleos, in addition to the unlock for the Hunter Rank.

From the company they anticipate that more monsters will arrive in the months after the game, so MH Rise promises to be with us for a long time.

The Monster Hunter Digital Event has been very complete. Dates, confirmed amiibo for Stories, new mechanics and free content for Rise. All this, along with an extension of the demo that is coming this week. We hope this March Monster Hunter Direct recap has been helpful to you.


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