The Nioh Collection: we tested the most devilish remasters

The Nioh Collection: we tested the most devilish remasters

Nioh is one of the best sagas that PlayStation 4 left us. With just two installments, Team Ninja showed its ability to make a “soulslike” with its own style, with little to envy from the From Software games. Thus, this The Nioh Collection becomes an excellent opportunity for those who missed it or want to re-experience the games with some "tweaks"..

The first installment came out in 2017 and told us the story of William, a samurai who had to face the Yokais demons. The setting was a mix between historical feudal Japan and the myths and legends of the land of the rising Sun. With spectacular gameplay, an action RPG style mixed with the difficulty of Dark Souls and many hours of gameplay, Team Ninja left the players very happy and set the bar very high.

Then came the sequel, improved in every way. Almost all the details that could be criticized from the first installment were corrected and improved. It is also true that it was very continuous, with some marginal additions. Among them, a character editor, new enemies and the possibility of becoming Yokai during battles.

Yes, both installments allow us to move our saved games from the original version to the remastered one. The only drawback is that you have to do it from the game itself, so you have to have the original version installed and then install the remastered one. The truth is that they could have done it in some simpler way.

To conclude, The Nioh Collection is a good remastering that is nice to play on the new generation of PlayStation. It is aimed at those who have not played Nioh, Nioh 2 or the masochists who want to repeat offenders. Plus, for the price of a full game you get two great games, with PS5 improvements and many hours of fun — and suffering — guaranteed.

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